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Repeated clutch plates burning in my Yamaha FZS V 2.0

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Repeated clutch plates burning in my Yamaha FZS V 2.0

Post by naziarmy » Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:34 am

Hello, am new to this forum. I am a member of Xbhp too. Happy that there is another motorcycle forum. Good work by the team. Let me now come to the point.
I own a FZS version 2.0 which has run around 7000 odd kilometers. The bike is fine in all aspects but the clutch plates keep on getting burnt and am put into a difficult situation where i am forced to replace clutch plates every now and then. New clutch plates don't even last for 1000 kms. I can make out the difference in pick up as the clutch plates are loosing their functionality. On due coz of this my motorcycle is giving a very bad mileage. When the clutch plates are new , the mileage and pickup is good and gradually goes down after i ride a few kilometers.
I have changed the clutch plates already thrice and am on the fourth set of clutch plates. Not sure of how many more plates i am going to get changed. Service shop tells they are not able to figure out the issues. Have moved to local mechanics also. They have doubts on the engine oil used.
Looking forward for a solution from you guys.

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Re: Repeated clutch plates burning in my Yamaha FZS V 2.0

Post by bhaskarvin » Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:34 pm

Hello Naziarmy, glad to have to among our esteemed member. Welcome to TheMotoMech.
Sorry to hear that you have repeated issues with your clutch plates. Cause of clutch plate getting burnt in quick sessions is lack of oil supply to the clutch i.e the friction plates. Due to lack of oil supply plates get heated up quickly and wears rapidly. Due to dry friction the plates get completely burnt and the engine oil colour turns dark( black ).
Get the oil routing checked. Mechanic does it well by forcing in oil into the passage to check the oil flow. A bent clutch shaft can also lead to this.
There are few set of springs which hold the plates firmly. These springs should be tightened to a certain pre defined torque value. Uneven tightening will lead to pressure imbalance on clutch plates leading to such issues.
Also get the clutch cam checked from mechanic.

Hope your querie is addressed. Feel free to get back to us. Happy riding
Bhaskar Vin
Mechanic/Tuner/Engineer/Motocross Racer/Mod Worker

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