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What is EVAP?? - Explained

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What is EVAP?? - Explained

Post by admin » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:17 pm

What Is EVAP??
EVAP Stands for Evaporative control System. The evaporative emissions are the Hydrocarbons which escapes from the vehicles fuel system in the form of vapors adding to the list of harmful emissions. To avoid these HC emissions EVAP is been implemented.
During warm weather the lighter chemicals in the fuel like aldehydes, aromatics, olefins and paraffin's easily evaporate, the evaporated elements react with the atmospheric air forming photo-chemical smog and polluting the environment.To avoid fuel from evaporating and hitting the ambient environment one has to completely seal the fuel tank, which is not possible.The fuel vapor thus formed is fed to a canister which contains charcoal/active carbon.The trapped HC contents of the fuel are let into the intake manifold via a unique valve setup called a purge valve.
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Canister plays a vital role in the EVAP system. Canister is a small rectangular plastic container which contains charcoal which acts as a absorbent absorbing the vapor formed. Once the vehicle is started the purge valve opens and the vapor is sent to the intake.

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